Welcome to my new blog site.  I promised I would get one up and running and here it is.  This isn’t a commercial enterprise, I don’t want to sell you anything.  We might just post some links to local enterprises which we think you will be interested in, but mostly this is for people interested in giving it all up, starting a new in a strange new land or those who like to sit back and read about other people going through this.

It’s a personal blog about our family and what we get up to and why we think Galicia is a very special place.



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We are a family from Sheffield, north England who have set up home near Monfero, Galicia in north-western Spain.  We have two young children  making their way in the local rural school, an elderly lurcher excited to have so many deer and wild boar on his doorstep and a new rescue kitten who is fully expected to keep the house’s mouse population down.

I am an ecologist, herbalist- dabbler, home cook, vegeterian coeliac with a love of nature, horse riding, wilderness and getting stuck in.  My other half is a metal working sculptor, ex-silversmith who fortunately loves a challenge, and we certainly have taken one on here!  His skills are extending to include, plumber, plasterer , roofer, builder.  Hopefully one day he will be able to create some of his wonderful bespoke metalwork pieces for our house instead of a client’s.  I look forward to our bedroom balcony being complete to my specification one day in the not-to-distant future.

The image above is of our local beach, Cabanas, a mere 14 km from our house.  One of the main reasons we chose this location was its proximity to the sea.  Sunsets are pretty awesome on this side of the country!


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